14 April 2014


I don't do landscapes. However, M has been on at me to do one for ages and, given the beauty of our surroundings, I thought I should have a go. Did I enjoy the process? No, I did not. I'm glad I did it, but it took FOREVER and I really missed the detail in a close up subject. It started well....

Really enjoying myself with the deep shadow on the rocks in the foreground in these first few.....

2 hours later, still feeling quite positive as I do the shelter belt conifers in the distance and start the deciduous stuff on the right......

How can this be taking so long? It's just a bit of moorland. 

I've been at it for nearly five hours now.....time for the horizon stuff.........zzzzzzz

At this point I realised I should have been taking it to the window to take the photographs. Time for a bit of colour. I'm seriously bored now but determined to finish. I thought the colour would take less time; oh no - this sky is taking forever:

This wasn't done in one day by the way - it's day three now and I'm losing the will to live. Grass....

................and more grass............and at last, it's finished. M likes it. I'm not sure. 

Whilst doing my mum's shopping in Waitrose last week, I spotted some cereal I thought OB might like; I hate the way even the lower sugar ones are still full of the stuff and this uses Coconut blossom nectar instead. Still sugar but a lower GI apparently. Anyway, this what he did with it. He thinks I wear a coat too much by the way.

The weather is so beautiful. Cold at night and glorious in the day. The mornings are chilly. Here's Trigger in the paddock up here at a distance:

Early morning sun:

Dew on a spider web:

Lambs love the sun:

So do the dogs:

Today OB had a couple of friends here and we went up to Kestor with the dogs. 

They have no fear of heights:

Neither do the boys:

It's nearly half past ten now and, having got waylaid earlier as I was about to press the 'publish' button, I am now in bed with our little tablet thingy. This is a slippery slope; a descent into a technology based oblivion I swore I would avoid at all costs. I am ashamed. However, I'm very comfy and have a hot water bottle tucked under one arm. I'm close to conversion but will take up my book in a sec rather than surfing the internet. So, until next time when I hope to be on a chair, here are those dogs in the sun again earlier today.

11 April 2014


Perhaps I'm alone in never having seen our garden birds acting like Kangaroos, using their tails as a third leg, but this was a new one for me today; it was putting real pressure on those tail feathers. 

The Nuthatch was acting strangely too on its tippee toes:

I love its feathers in this one:

Blue Tits behaving normally:

Sparrows too:

At last, leaves are beginning to emerge on the trees and in the hedge. This is the lovely red Acer that we inherited here:





Guelder Rose:

The sunrises have been more spectacular than the sunsets over the last few days:

Yesterday we went looking for Newts in remote pools out on the moor. This one was about to be eaten by Jack so we were faced with a split second decision: save it and break the law, or let it die in the jaws of a terrier. We saved it and it swam off safely.

We also found this Water Scorpion - not a great picture I'm afraid.

A short one today. It's been a very difficult day. I won't go into why at the moment. I've written this paragraph three times and deleted it. I'm not in the right frame of mind. So, until next time, have a lovely weekend and here are a couple of pics of Snippet and Jack. they can always cheer me up.....well unless they're digging up the garden, barking the place down or escaping from the garden....hmmmm.